Owosso in 1857

This map was made for Matthias Stewart in 1857 an is a birds-eye view of the City of Owosso, looking Northwest. Interesting, because there were no airplanes or ladders tall enough to get this perspective of the city.

It clearly shows the dam, which was built at Washington St. Also notice, on the far left, the small finger of water which was used to make portage on the river easier.

We can also see the 'mill race' which was cut to feed water to the factories, the reason for the dam. Water St. runs along the 'race' on the west side. This map shows the Dewey & Stewart Mill at the end of the 'mill race'. Maps of the 1880's show additional factories, on the west side of Water St., obtaining water to power their machinery as well.

By 1900, electricity had replaced the need for water power, to operate Owosso's factories.

This also shows a smaller river on the upper left, flowing into the Shiawassee River. Today, this is taken care of by a 15' steel tube which is located at the intersection of M-21 and M-52(Shiawassee St.)

Altough this map was printed in 1857, it is believed that it was actually drawn in 1855. The Methodist Church was built in 1856 at Washington and Oliver St. (now St. Johns Church of Christ) and the railroad came through in July of 1856 and would have been gladly illustrated by 1857.

Key to 1857 Map

1. Ament Hotel, later the Hotel Owosso, southwest corner of Main and Washington St.

2. Comstock’s Cabin

3. C.L. Goodhue’s Dry Goods Store, northwest corner of Main and Washington St.

4. William Fletcher home, later Miller Hospital

5. Where E.D. Gregory's family lived

6. Hedge’s Woolen Mill

7. Foundry

8. Schneckenburger's, later Wildermuth Hotel, northest corner of Comstock and Washington St.

9. Ingersoll’s Tavern, later Murphy’s Variety Store, northeast corner of Exchange and Washington St.

10. Where Ebenezer Gould lived and now a store building

11. Where D. Lyon Thorpe lived, later George Colliers home, now Masonic Temple building location

12. Congregational Church dedicated in 1856

13. The only school building in 1857, now the Lutheran Church

14. Dewey and Stewart’s Mill

15. Ira Merell’s Residence, later the Elk's Temple, near southeast corner of Mason and Washington St.

l6. Judge Amos Gould’s Residence

17, B.0. Williams’ Residence

18. AL. Williams’ Residence

19. Dr. Barnes’ Residence

20. Where C.L. Goodhue lived until his new residence was ready to move into. Later the D. M. Christian Home, later Leigh Christian Home marked with an X

21. T.D. Dewey’s Residence

22. David Gould's Residence

23. M.L. Stewart Grocer

24. A.L. & B.O. Williams Real Estate Office and Eli Gregory Hardware Store. This building was built in 1855. 112 N. Washington St.