Photographic History of McCurdy Park

Corunna, Michigan

McCurdy Park development in 1900

Below is the McCurdy Park Carriage Entrance

Wild Animals in the Park

A section of the park was fenced in to protect the deer and other animals in the early 1900's

One great attraction to the park was the BEAR PEN

The Bear Pen at McCurdy Park was home to several bears
between 1917 to the mid 1960's. The first bears were the gift of Samuel Willis, who owned Owosso Fuel and Ice Company, located at 104 Cass Street in Owosso. The bears had come from Thomasville, Michigan.

Below is a pic of the Bear Pen in about 1917

Below is a pic of the Bear Pen in about 1928

In the late 1950's, Thelma Smith of Morrice, Michigan donated two black bears to the park. Local grocery store owners donated old food that would ordinarily be thrown out.

Fountain....circa 1910

On the Playground....circa 1955

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