Shiawassee County, Michigan
Banking History

The Exchange Bank Scandal
At Shiawassee
Feb. 1, 1838


Citizens Savings Bank
Incorporated Feb. 10, 1896. Capitol $50,000. Dudley E. Waters, President. Wm. H. Bigelow, James W. Simmons, Vice Presidents. Gilbert Taylor, Cashier. Oliver L. Davis, Asst. Cashier.
Located at 123 N. Washington St.

First National Bank
Organized in 1865 by Amos Gould. Amos remained as President until his death on May 14, 1882.

Two Dollar bill from 1865.

Below is a 5 Dollar bill with signatures of Amos Gould, President and B. Moses, Cashier.

Owosso First Federal Savings and Loan.....200 E. Main. Name changed to First Federal of Michigan.

Owosso Savings Bank
Incorporated 1886. signatures of Amos Gould, President and B. Moses, Cashier. Reorganized 1891. Capitol $50,000. Surplus $10,000. Chas. Rigley, President. Albert Hartshorn, V.P. Asa Whipple, Cashier.
Located at 101-103 N. Washington St. 32mm bronze token

Owosso Savings Bank later moved to 123 N. Washington St. (Citizens Savings Bank location) . The named was changed in the 1980's to Pacesetter Bank and Trust. And then was taken over by Old Kent Bank in the 1990's. Now called 5th 3rd Bank.

Mathias Stewart Bank
Mathias had a grocery store on the southwest corner of Washington and Exchange Streets in 1869. Because he had a large safe, other merchants would use his safe at night. He built a new bank in 1882 on the northwest corner of Washington and Exchange Streets. In 1905, the Stewart Bank failed because it had overextended itself to the Owosso Carriage Company. As a result, the Owosso plant was purchased by Jackson Sleigh Company of Jackson, Michigan. All production was moved to Owosso.

The bank building was used as a Drug store until 1997, first going by the name of Hoffman's and then Gute's. This Gothic style building burned in 1948. It was rebuilt and later became Stone's Drug Store and later George Hoddy's daughter, Liz Howe, operated Howe Drugs until 1997. Mr. Stewart died on July 25, 1903.

The State Savings Bank
Incorporated in 1907. Capitol $50,000. W.F. Gallagher, President and Cashier. A.L. Arnold and W.A. Rosenkrans, V.P. C.R. McLaughlin, Asst. Cashier.
Located at 101 S. Washington St. This later became Key State Bank in the 1980's. Gerald LeFever, President.
It became Chemical Bank -Key State, in the 1990's.

Depression Scrip

Murder and Counterfeiting at the old Wheeler Taven

Shiawassee County History