Shiawassee County Michigan Breweries




FINDLEY........ OWOSSO MICH. Blob top quart amber beer bottles have been found.

John Gute Brewery.....Owosso

John started the Owosso Brewery on Corunna Ave. in 1855.

Possible area Gute brewery Years-of-Operation

John Gute.....1874-1877

Gute Brothers....1877-1879

A. Gute......1879-1880

Gute BRother.....1880-1884

Mueller Brothers' Brewery......300 W. Main St. Owosso

Louis and Charles started the brewery in the 1890's. But in Sept. 1898 it burned to the ground along with the Woodard Furniture Co. and Mill. The brewery was rebuilt at its original place 301 W. Main St.

On April 4, 1910, Shiawassee County voted overwhelmingly to go "dry".

This letter was sent out by the Shiawassee Dry Campaign Committee endorsing their 'DRY' supporters.

All saloons were to be closed by May 1st, 1910.

The village of Oakley is located on M-52 just north of the county line in Saginaw County, which was not a dry county. Old timers remember a string of car headlights could be seen every night heading to the Oakley bars for refreshments.

The same was true with Genesee County to the east. Lennon was on the county line and the bars on the east side of town did 'big' business.

Prohibition put the Muellers out of business and in 1915 Roy Matthews bought the building and converted it to offices. He later served as Shiawassee County Probate Judge.


Schmidt & Lohmann

Nickolas Miesen
Owosso agent for Muskegon Brewing Company

George Storz....Corunna

This company's history remains sketchy.

Years of operation.....1875-1878

Due to the fact that Corunna had a coal mining operation, it is believed that there might have been a brewery in Corunna. Few records can be found concerning this company.

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